Friday, July 16, 2010

lakeside strolls

You know what I really love about summer? The illusion of endless free time and sweet summer nights. The mosquitoes don't even bother me that much, I just love the smell of summer on these nights. I inhale and it's this huge lungful of wet air infused the scent of grass and sweat and freedom and something else wonderful.

Photos from our spontaneous walk around the lake when the sun went down.

The light throws the most amazing reflections onto the wall in the afternoon.
the lake near my house. I have to admit, I've never seen it at this time of day, my parents never let me out walking this late. It's really quite spectacular.
My friend Udbhav.



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julia wang said...

told ya you should go to the lake more often!

:) <3

Shukura Li said...

the 2 dark pics by the lake are lovely

Victoria Lin said...

thank you a lot guys. <3

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