Thursday, July 8, 2010

waterballoon madness

Today was the birthday of this kid that lives down the street from me and the poor thing hasn't had a birthday party since like 4th grade. And he turned 17 today. So, Ellen (you know, the pretty model from before) talked a bunch of us into going to his house and throwing him an impromptu birthday party. I walked over to his house at twelve, found him in his PJs, groggy and not quite awake yet, and I promptly turned him around and told him to go change before the others got there.

His cell phone rings and it's Leo, telling him to go to the door. On his driveway is Al with a car full of Asians. They call Tim (the birthday boy over) and get him to go over to the trunk of the car....where they have stashed about a hundred or so waterballoons.

Commence waterfight.

I hid out in Al's car with him to take pictures. And because I didn't have a change of clothes and I needed to be at the library in an hour. I wasn't going to make this a post at first, but the waterfight pictures were too epic to pass up. Everything is sooc.

That's Ellen and Leo. I swear, that girl is starting to become a permanent fixture in my life.
Fucking epic.
Ellen made the delicious brownie cake with coffee ice cream on top. :D


Anonymous said...

What does sooc mean? You use it often.

Victoria Lin said...

it means straight out of the camera, not touched in photoshop. =]

tRiSh said...

sounds like a loooooot of fun! I love water balloon fights =)

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