Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tracey + ellen

This past weekend, one of our family friends hosted our annual mass gathering of Asians. It's exactly what it sounds like, all our Asian family friends rent out a nearby park for a picnic. The BBQ is going all afternoon, so lunch and dinner and snacks in between are covered and there's always a supply of bubble tea (the quintessential Asian food) and mango jello. It's pretty awesome.

So, I was hanging out next to my friend's dad who's a total camera nerd like me. I was practically drooling over his very sexy L-series lens, you know, the white Canon ones. I started talking about how I was saving up for the 50mm 1.8 since it was relatively cheap and all and suddenly, the man pulls out a lens from his bag. "I have the 35mm 1.4 if you want to try it out for a while."
Before you could say "Holy shit", the lens was on my camera and I was gone.

I grabbed these two half Asian sisters, Tracey and Ellen, and headed into the woods. I absolutely love how these turned out. I'm still not used to having a DSLR yet, much less shooting with 1.8's or 1.4, so seeing these pictures are still kinda unreal. I still get that reaction of "Oh, these are really really good. Oh, I took these? No way." whenever I see these. It's such a far cry from the S5 I was shooting with until last month.

They are so ridiculously pretty, in a vaguely exotic way that's hard to place if you didn't know they had Asian blood in them. We always joke that they look full white; usually halfies have the eyes to show for it. I remember the first time I met one of them, Ellen was in 6th grade, calling home to get a ride and suddenly Chinese starts spewing out of this white girl's mouth. QUOI? Haha, I assumed that she was adopted for the longest time. These two girls are amazing to work with, not camera shy at all (except for the occasional bout of self esteem issues about braces :D) and willing to do anything I asked them to do. And completely crazy and happy people too. <3

every little thing in the world
One of my favorite pictures of Ellen from that day, perfect lighting and expression.
Mai current desktop background. Bahaha, ima total creeper.
forever and always
Very experimental editing with this one but I absolutely loved how it turned out.
come find me
rise up
Bleh, the focus on this one irks me.
ASIAN BABY. anomnomnomnom
Julia edited this one. Gah, I love the 1.4
let the rest of the world fall away
My little forest spirit. <3
trace, you are gorgeoussss.

Some behind the scenes stuff. sooc

they are so close, i'm jealous. :D
trace is so giggly. hehe. she burst out into giggles almost all the time. cutie.
our adopted little brother for the day, what a cutie.
the photog and her models.
They are adorable. :D

And of course for bigger versions, go on my flickr.


julia wang said...

ya gotta use commas to separate the tags :)

and yey for blog! <3333 and use of the word quintessential,

tRiSh said...

those pictures are gorgeous! you did an amazing job, the colors are SUPER!!
can't wait to see more of hat you can do =)

Second Wind photography said...

Some pictures on here are really really gorgeus!

Shukura Li said...


I love your work esp the one on flickr of the out of focus bubbles

tell me more about your photography and what u use??


Shukura Li said...

oh yes and bubble tea is a classic ;)

Victoria Lin said...

thank you so much guys. <3

and shukura: I use a Canon T1i and the lenses I have are the 50mm 1.4 and the 18-55mm. Editing wise, I use photoshop cs2. hope that helped!

ellennn said...

these turned out gawjussss<3 thanksmuchh. you're too kind :D
& yes. in addition to facebook, i'm now thanking you on your blog. deal.


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