Friday, July 9, 2010

my first paid is shoot this afternoon

I offered to take senior portraits for kids at my school for much cheaper than the actual company in an attempt to make some money this summer. Albeit I'm only making $30 per shoot and most of them are with pretty close friends, but it's exciting. And a little nervewracking at the same time. I've never had any real pressure for my pictures to be good, except from myself. Now that I'm being paid, it feels a little different.

Today, my model is my friend Robin, a really sweet guy that I always drive home afterschool. Upon booking it, I was really excited...until I realized I have absolutely no clue what to do with a male model. I've managed to come up with a little post-it of ideas...but half of them involve him being shirtless. Awkward. I think I've been on flickr and tumblr too much.

What's more, upon finding out that his parents probably aren't going to be home, my mother freaked a little bit because obviously a sixteen year old girl isn't safe with a boy alone. Mhmmm. So, she's making my eleven year old brother come along to assist. And I have to pay him $5. Which is 1/7 of my total profits. Awesome. Because Timmy will protect me from Robin, the rapist. Yup. Totally. Chances are, the kid is going to find Robin's stash of video games and be totally engrossed the entire time. Assist my butt.

Whatever, I'm still really excited for the shoot and Robin is so much fun to hang out with.
I just really hope he's not going to be totally camera shy.


julia wang said...

of course, timmy is a man.

:D if not, have fun coaching him. IT'S LIKE FAIRIES AND BUTTERFLIES.

Shukura Li said...

congratulations!!! and i completely undertand what u mean about male model

they're alot more difficult to shoot than women

aaaw and your lil bro assists and u pay him lucky him i dont pay mine LOL

i talked about that in this post:


tRiSh said...

how was it? hope you had fun and that the pics are what you were expecting =D can't wait to see =)

Victoria Lin said...

Ahaha, yup, I still have no clue what to do with male models. *sigh*

and photos are up. :D

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